12. Tools

12.1. po_catref

po_catref is a utility for viewing the components of a stringified reference (CORBA IOR, corbaloc or URI). The reference’s components include references to access an object through multiple protocols (e.g. CORBA IIOP, SOAP) and configuration parameters associated with a reference (e.g. GIOP Service Contexts).

       po_catref <stringified reference>

Note: @command{po_catref can only process protocols PolyORB has been configured with.}

12.2. po_dumpir

po_dumpir is a utility for viewing the content of an instance of the CORBA Interface Repository.

       po_dumpir <stringified reference>

Note: @command{po_dumpir will be compiled and installed only if the CORBA personality and the ir service is compiled. Please see Building an application with PolyORB for more details on how to set up PolyORB.}

12.3. po_names

po_names is a stand-alone name server. It has an interface similar to CORBA COS Naming, without dragging in any dependencies on CORBA mechanisms. This name server is to be used when the CORBA application personality is not required, e.g. with the DSA or MOMA application personalities.