13. Performance ConsiderationsΒΆ

This section discusses performance when using PolyORB. Many elements can be configured, Building an application with PolyORB. By carefully selecting them, you can increase the throughput of your application.

We review some parameters that can impact performance.

  • Build options:

    • For production use, you should not build PolyORB with debug activated.

  • Tasking policies:

    • You should carefully select the tasking policy to reduce dynamic ressource allocation (tasks, entry points, etc.). Tasking model in PolyORB.

  • Transport parameters:

    • Setting tcp.nodelay to false will disable Nagle buffering.

  • GIOP parameters:

    • Setting polyorb.protocols.iiop.giop.1.X.locate_then_request, where X is the GIOP version in use, to false will disable Locate_Message, reducing the number of requests exchanged,

    • Increasing polyorb.protocols.iiop.giop.1.X.max_message_size, where X is the GIOP version in use, will reduce GIOP fragmentation, reducing middleware processing.