9.1. What you should know before Reading this section

This section assumes that the reader is familiar with the JMS specifications described in :cite:`jms`. MOMA is a thick adaptation of the JMS specification to the Ada programming language, preserving most of the JMS concepts.

9.2. Installing MOMA application personality

Ensure PolyORB has been configured and then compiled with the MOMA application personality. See Building an application with PolyORB for more details on how to check installed personalities.

To build the MOMA application personality, Installation.

9.3. Package hierarchy

Packages installed in $INSTALL_DIR/include/polyorb/moma hold the MOMA API. MOMA is built around two distinct sets of packages:

  • MOMA.* hold the public MOMA library, all the constructs the user may use.

  • POLYORB.MOMA_P.* hold the private MOMA library, these packages shall not be used when building your application.