9. RunΒΆ

It is now time to run the application: select the menu Build->Run->Sdc->sdc, which will open a dialog window. In the text input field (selected by default), press the right arrow key and then insert input.txt: this is the name of a text file that will be passed as argument to the sdc program.

The text input should now read: %E input.txt and the full command that will be executed is displayed underneath: .../gps/tutorial/obj/sdc input.txt

Now click on Execute: a new window titled Run: sdc is created at the bottom of the main window where the sdc application runs and displays an unexpected internal error: this is a good opportunity to use the integrated debugger.

Place the mouse cursor over the tab titled Run: sdc: a cross will appear on the right of the label: click on it to close the window.