8. Code CompletionΒΆ

Go to line 38 of sdc.adb. You can see there is a null instruction for the case of Stack.Overflow. We are going to add some code there, using the code assist capabilities.

Type Enter to create a new line, then type Scr. A completion popup is displayed, showing all the entities of the project begining with Scr. Double click on Screen_Output: the code is automatically completed in the editor. Then add a dot in your code. The completion popup is triggered automatically and will offer you the option of completing your code with the entities contained in the Screen_Output package. Select Msg, add a space, and then add an open parenthesis. Once again, the completion windows pops up and shows the possible parameters for msg. If you choose the first entry of the completion list (“params of Msg”), the call is automatically completed by a list of named parameters. Complete the list by giving e.g. “The stack is full.” for S1, “” for S2, and True for End_Line.

Don’t forget to add a semicolon at the end of the statement. Then hit F4 to rebuild the application.