GNATcoll Bindings - Readline: interactive command line

GNATcoll provides an interface to the readline library.

You need to pass --accept-gpl to the script in order to indicate you understand the license of readline.

This component provides various features to enhance command line support in tools. In particular, it provides various keybindings to make editing more comfortable than Ada.Text_IO.Get_Line. For instance, it is possible to use backspace to edit what you have just typed. It is also possible to move forward or backward by word, go to the start or end of line, …

readline also provides support for completion: by using the tab key, users can get all possible completions for the current word. This behavior is controllable from Ada, where your application can provide the list of completions.

Finally, readline comes with support for history. By using the up and down keys, the user can navigate the commands that were previously typed. It is also possible to preserve the history across sessions.

See the GNATCOLL.Readline package for more information on this API.