13. Exception Handling and Reporting Internal BugsΒΆ

According to the ASIS Standard, only ASIS-defined exceptions can be propagated from ASIS queries. The same holds for the ASIS Extensions queries supported by ASIS-for-GNAT.

If a non-ASIS exception is raised during the processing of an ASIS or ASIS extension query, this symptom reflects an internal implementation problem. Under such a circumstance, by default the ASIS query will output some diagnostic information to Standard_Error and then exit to the OS; that is, the execution of the ASIS application is aborted.

In order to allow the execution of an ASIS-based program to continue even in case of such internal ASIS implementation errors, you can change the default behavior by supplying appropriate parameters to Asis.Implementation.Initialize. See ASIS-for-GNAT Reference Manual for more details.