12. ASIS-for-GNAT WarningsΒΆ

The ASIS definition specifies the situations when certain ASIS-defined exceptions should be raised, and ASIS-for-GNAT conforms to these rules.

ASIS-for-GNAT also generates warnings if it considers some situation arising during the ASIS query processing to be potentially wrong, and if the ASIS definition does not require raising an exception. Usually this occurs with actual or potential problems in an implementation-specific part of ASIS, such as providing implementation-specific parameters to the queries Initialize, Finalize and Associate or opening a Context.

There are three warning modes in ASIS-for-GNAT:


Warning messages are output to Standard_Error.


Warning messages are suppressed.

treat as error

A warning is treated as an error by ASIS-for-GNAT: instead of sending a message to Standard_Error, ASIS-for-GNAT raises Asis_Failed and converts the warning message into the ASIS Diagnosis string. ASIS Error Status depends on the cause of the warning.

The ASIS-for-GNAT warning mode may be set when initializing the ASIS implementation. The -ws parameter of Asis.Implementation.Initialize query suppresses warnings, the -we parameter of this query sets treating all the warnings as errors. When set, the warning mode remains the same for all Contexts processed until ASIS-for-GNAT has completed.