10. Reporting Suggestions and BugsΒΆ

If you would like to make suggestions about QGen or if you encounter a bug, please use GNAT Tracker (from AdaCore’s corporate website http://www.adacore.com click on GNATtracker Access at the top of the page then enter your username and password), section ‘send a report’. Alternatively submit a bug report by email to mailto:qgen@adacore.com, including your customer number #nnn in the subject and a meaningful subject line.

Please try to include a detailed description of the problem, including models to reproduce it if needed, and/or a scenario describing the actions performed to reproduce the problem. The list of files to provide typically include the model (.mdl or .slx file), the generated decoration file (*_types.txt), the MATLAB file (.m) containing variable definitions that are used by the Simulink model, and any library or reference model used (.mdl or .slx files).

The files $HOME/.qgen/log.* may also bring some useful information when reporting a bug. The log file is kept under a separate name, $HOME/.qgen/log.<date_time>, where <date_time> is the date and time when QGen was executed. Be sure to include the right log file when reporting a bug.