12. Locations ViewΒΆ

From Call Graph Browser, select the contextual menu Goto declaration of View, this will open the file stack.ads at line 32. Then from the source editor (file stack.ads), select the contextual menu References->Find all references to View: this highlights the Locations tree which now contains all the references for View, grouped by files (stack.ads and stack.adb).

The first location is highlighted automatically: this is the spec of the procedure View. Now click in the tree on the triangle at the left of stack.adb: two locations are listed, at line 90 and 97. Click on each of these locations: they correspond to the procedure body.

The Find all references capability is another way to list all the uses of an entity, and it confirms that View isn’t called in our project.

Remove View body by e.g selecting it, and pressing the Delete key, then save the file (Ctrl-S).

Do the same for the spec, save the file.

Close the stack.ads and stack.adb files (menu File->Close, or using the shortcut Ctrl-W). Rebuild by pressing the F4 key.

Let’s now see how to create a project corresponding to the sdc project we’ve used in this tutorial.