1. IntroductionΒΆ

This document provides a guide through the major capabilities of the GNAT Programming Studio by working on a code example: sdc, a simple desktop calculator.

It is important to realize that the features that you are about to experiment with are available on multiple platforms, using the same user interface and capabilities, providing a user-friendly environment with a tight integration between the tools.

Start GPS in the directory containing the tutorial files, or if the directory is read-only, copy the tutorial directory and its subdirectories in a local (writable) area, and start GPS from the tutorial directory, so that GPS will load the right context.

By default, the tutorial sources can be found under <prefix>/share/examples/gps/tutorial, where <prefix> is the prefix directory of the GPS installation.

Alternatively, if you have already started GPS in another directory, you can load the project sdc.gpr by using the menu File->Open Project...