11. Call GraphΒΆ

Now go back to the file sdc.adb, move the mouse over the procedure sdc at line 8, select the contextual menu Browsers->Sdc calls: this will open a new window titled Call graph browser.

Note that there is also a top level contextual menu (Sdc calls) which provides a tree view of the callers/callees.

In the call graph, click on the right arrow of Process (one of the first items on the top). Also click on the right arrow of Error_Msg.

The call graph contains a tool bar; the button on the right of this tool bar brings up the options menu.

You may want to play with the zoom (= and - keys).

Click on right arrow of Process ((Decl) instructions.ads:12).

The items can also be moved: move e.g Msg item around.

You can also recompute the layout of all the current items by using the Refresh layout button (the sixth button from the left on the local tool bar).

Click on left arrow of Msg to display who is calling Msg. Notice that View calls Msg.

Click on left arrow of View: the arrow disappears, and no new items are created, which means that View isn’t called by anyone, so we’re now going to remove this procedure.