7. Back to Source NavigationΒΆ

Move the mouse over the Next identifier in tokens.ads editor, and then hold the Control key: while you’re holding the key, move the mouse over entities: these entities now become clickable hyperlinks. Clicking on the first mouse button will go to the declaration of the entity highlighted (or the body if you are already on the declaration), and clicking on the middle mouse button will go to the body directly: move the mouse back to Next and click. Alternatively, you can use the contextual menu and select Goto body of Next; then scroll through the procedure Next, move the mouse on Instructions.Read at line 46, hold control again and click with the middle mouse button (or from the contextual menu, select Goto body of Read).

We’ve now navigated quite a bit through the application source code, which you can verify by clicking on the left arrow in the tool bar, to go back to the previous locations visited.

Repeat the operation until you’re back in sdc.adb. As with the undo/redo capability in the source editor, the goto previous/next location is infinite.