3.6. General Preferences

General purpose preferences for Ada are controlled by the dialog page in the following figure. The corresponding preferences dialog page is selected via the “General” page under the “Ada” category. The details of each preference are provided after the figure.

Ada GNATbench General Preferences

3.6.1. Multi-language Builder

This preference controls the builder to be invoked when building a project containing sources written in languages other than, or in addition to, Ada.

By default, gprbuild will be used. Alternatively, its prototype gprmake can be selected to help transition to gprbuild. General use of gprmake is not recommended.

To select gnatmake you can use the gnatmake setting, even for a project containing non-Ada sources, but note that gnatmake will only process Ada source files, ignoring all others. Use in a multi-lingual project is therefore not recommended.

Finally, to always use gprbuild, even when Ada is the only language involved, you can select the gprbuild_always setting.

3.6.2. Fast Project Loading

If enabled, the %eL token is replaced by -eL “Follow symbolic links when processing project files” when expanding builder commands. Symbolic links should not be used in the project. More precisely, you can only have symbolic links that point to files outside of the project, but not to files in the project.

3.6.3. Removal Policy When Fixing Code

This preference controls the way Quick Fix works when parts of the source code must be removed as part of the fix. Always_Remove means that the code will be removed. Always_Comment means that the code will always be commented out. Propose_Both_Choices will propose a menu with both choices.