3.5. EditorΒΆ

The editor behavior preferences are controlled by the preferences page shown below. All these preferences are described in the Language-Sensitive Editing chapter except for the following:

  • The “remove trailing spaces when saving” preferences controls whether trailing blanks should be removed when Save or “Save As...” action is triggered. Choosing Autodetect will keep trailing blanks only if original file had already trailing blanks.
  • The tooltips preference controls whether tooltips are displayed within the Ada editor. Tooltips are displayed whenever the cursor is “hovered” over an Ada entity.
  • The spelling preference controls whether the text within string literals is checked for correctness.
  • The “Display warnings for foreign Ada source files” preference controls whether a dialog is displayed when invoking the editor on an Ada source file that is not part of any GNATbench project. See Foreign Ada Source Files for details.
Ada editor prefs