1.6. Introduction

GNATbench supports sophisticated Ada-aware editing and browsing, code generation using GNAT Pro, and Ada-aware debugging.

1.7. Intended Audience

This User’s Guide is intended for Ada software developers using the GNAT Pro Ada tools to develop applications within Workbench.

1.8. Scope

This User’s Guide describes how to use the GNATbench Ada plug-in for Wind River’s Workbench IDE. Specific help is provided for configuring projects, building systems, and debugging under Workbench; please see the corresponding sections for details.

For help with the GNAT Pro compiler and associated tools themselves, see the GNAT Pro documentation corresponding to the specific compiler used. For example, if you are working with the version for Workbench and VxWorks 6 you should read “GNAT Pro for VxWorks 6: Getting Started”, located in the file “gnat_ugx-vx6.txt” shipped with the compiler.

1.9. For Additional Information and Help

Additional help and information is available online from AdaCore via the GNAT Tracker web interface.