6.1.2. Syntax Coloring

Using the Syntax Coloring, users specify the colors displayed for reserved words, comments, annotation comments, string literals, numeric literals, character literals, and user-defined text. The defaults are as shown below, in which the reserved words are in magenta, string and character literals are in blue, numeric literals are in black, comments are in light green, and user-defined text is in black.

Syntax Coloring Annotation Comments

Annotation comments are Ada comments recognized by the editor as having additional meaning and therefore to be colored distinctly from regular comments. By default, these comments are colored red.

Lexically, annotation comments are those that have a non-whitespace or non-alphanumeric character immediately following the initial “–”, other than another dash. All annotation comments appear in the same color.

For example, the SPARK language defines annotation comments as starting with the sequence “–#”, as in the following example taken from John Barnes’ High Integrity Software: The SPARK Approach to Safety and Security:

SPARK example of annotation comment coloring