6.2.1. Code AssistΒΆ

Code Assist is an editing capability provided by programming-language-oriented editors in Eclipse that completes identifiers based on semantic analysis and context. Simple identifiers, subprogram formal parameters, and entities named using the “dot notation” are candidates for completion. GNATbench implements Code Assist for Ada 83, Ada 95, and Ada 2005.

When invoked, Code Assist displays the candidate completions in a pop-up window (the “smart completion window”), including information about each candidate to facilitate selection. The specific information displayed depends on the candidate. For example, the type of a candidate variable will be displayed, as well as documentation extracted from comments surrounding the declaration of the candidate. Similarly, if the completion candidate is a subprogram invocation, the formal parameters will also be displayed so that you can choose among possibly overloaded subprogram choices.

GNATbench keeps track of your previous selections and will put them at the top of the list of proposals when they are accurate.

No pop-up window is displayed when, based on the current partial entry, no candidates are available.