8.2. Preparing To Debug

Before you begin to debug your project, make sure your project has built properly and you can see the target objects in the Project Navigator. You may need to refresh your view of the file system by right-clicking on the directory you are using for your objects and selecting “Refresh”.

8.2.1. Enabling Ada Debugging Options

You must set an environment variable to enable viewing the values of certain Ada variables. Specifically, set DFW_ENABLE_ADA_SYMBOL_SEARCH to 1. You need only set this environment variable once, as long as it does not become undefined later.

8.2.2. Connect To A Target

To debug your application, you must first establish a connection to the target system. This is done in Workbench via the “Remote Systems” view in the lower left hand corner of the display. If your target is not already visible in Workbench, you must click on the “New Connection” icon in the Remote Systems view’s toolbar and configure an appropriate target connection.

Next, select the target and then press the “connect” icon in the Remote Systems toolbar to establish a connection to your newly configured target. In the following figure we are establishing a connection to the pre-configured “vxsim” target.


After these steps, the connection should be established and you should see something like the following in the view:

Here in the Remote Systems view, a connection has been established to “vxsim0”, a target simulator running a VxWorks kernel.