2.2.1. Ada PerspectiveΒΆ

GNATbench extends the Workbench-defined Application Development perspective with menus and views that support Ada development. In addition, GNATbench defines a specific perspective with these menus and views. You can use either perspective for Ada development.

The icon representing the dedicated Ada perspective (see the figure below) has the letter ‘A’ in the upper right, with standard Eclipse symbols denoting packages, types, and tasks in the center. You can select this perspective by clicking on the Ada perspective icon at the upper right of the Workbench window if the perspective is already opened. In the figure below, the Ada perspective icon appears immediately to the right of the Workbench “open perspective” icon:

Ada perspective at upper right

If it is not open already, you can activate the Ada perspective by clicking on the “open perspective” icon and choosing “Other...” and then Ada from the dialog box listing the perspectives. Alternatively, you can use the menu “Window-> Open Perspective-> Other...” to open that dialog box. The dialog box appears as follows:

perspective choices