7.1. Workbench Project Builder Commands

Workbench provides project build commands in two menus: the Project menu and a contextual menu on the Project Navigator. These commands are the standard project builder commands defined by Eclipse. Wind River provides additional build commands as well.

7.1.1. Project Menu

The Project menu on the menubar defines the standard Eclipse project build commands and adds a submenu with additional builder-oriented commands.

wrs menubar project builder menu

“Rebuild Project” and “Clean Project” are convenience commands that apply to the currently active Workbench project. The Clean Project command simply cleans the project, like the standard command, but does not offer the option to clean more than that one project, unlike the standard command. The Rebuild Project command first performs a Clean Project and then a build.

7.1.2. Contextual Menu

The contextual menu of the Workbench Project Navigator includes the standard project building commands, as shown below. Note that these commands will be enabled and disabled depending upon whether a build is considered necessary.

wrs contextual project builder menu