7.7. Converting Existing GNATbench Projects To Use Flexible BuildsΒΆ

This part is applicable only on Wind River Workbench 3.x as Wind River “Standard” managed build projects are only supported by Wind River Workbench 3.x.

Existing GNATbench/Workbench projects can be converted from using the Wind River “Standard” managed builds to using “Flexible” managed builds instead. Conversion is not mandatory. If you do choose to convert your project, the conversion need only be done once. Note that conversion is irreversible.

Conversion is a two-step process: first apply the Wind River build type conversion wizard, then apply the GNATbench build type conversion wizard.

First apply the Wind River conversion wizard by invoking the contextual menu on the target project node and selecting “Build Options”, then selecting “Convert to Flexible Managed Build” as shown below:


You will be asked to confirm your intent to convert the project. Press Yes if you are sure, otherwise press No to abort the conversion.


Next, apply the GNATbench conversion wizard by again invoking the contextual menu on the target project node. This time select “New”, then “Other”, as shown below:


Then select “Convert Ada project to use Flexible Managed Builds” in the resulting wizard selection dialog (see figure below) and press Next.


The conversion wizard dialog will appear as shown in the next figure, explaining what will happen and giving you the opportunity to change your mind. Press Finish to apply the conversion, or Cancel to abort the process.